St. Philomene, Sacramento, CA
2320 El Camino Avenue
Sacramento, CA. 95821
Phone (916) 489-1506
St. Philomene, Sacramento, CA

Welcome to St. Philomene School

Saint Philomene Catholic School provides a challenging, high-quality education focused on the Gospel values and the teachings of Christ for students in Transitional Kindergarten and grades K-8. Our school focuses on creating and delivering a meaningful, enriching elementary experience for your children - an experience filled with faith, knowledge, discipline and morals. We are currently accepting students in grades TK-8. Browse our website to learn more about St. Philomene and the advantages of attending a Catholic School.

What's New for 2015-16

Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) - We are proud to announce that the ACS WASC Commissioners determined that St. Philomene School meets the ACS WASSC criteria for accreditation. The accreditation status is based on all of the information provided by the school, including the self-study report, and the satisfactory completion of the on-site accreditation visit in the fall of 2014. St. Philomene School was granted a Six-Year Accreditation Status, (the highest status), through June 30, 2021. We feel very blessed in our endeavors to enhance our programs and improve student learning. Please visit the office to read the report.

WASC Accreditation Process - Ultimately, the accreditation process is all about fostering excellence in the elementary, secondary, adult, postsecondary and supplementary education programs. The process involves helping schools meaningfully create the highest quality learning experiences they can envision for all students. The purpose of ACS WASC's is to professionally support schools in creating a clear vision of what they desire their students to know and be able to do. Furthermore, the WASC process ensures that the school has systems in place that will help every child be successful.

Chromebook Laptops - Every student in grades 3rd-8th will continue to receive a Chromebook laptop. In grades K-2 students share a Chromebook cart complete with 25 laptops. Students are able to take virtual field trips, submit assignments electronically, collaborate on projects, and become spiritually-grounded users of technology.

Common Core Standards - St. Philomene teachers will continue to utilize the newly adopted California Common Core Standards for English Language Arts and Math.

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